Story Corner:The Thankful Fish

One day in August 1985, nine-year-old Ah Meng stood beside the great river. He was watching a great silver fish jumping around inside an open fisherman's box. There was no water, and the fish was slowly dying. Ah Meng's father had just caught the fish, and he had run off to tell a friend about his catch. Ah Meng felt very sorry for the fish. It wanted so much to live. It was fighting so hard. Sometimes he thought its eyes looked at him asking for his help. Ah Meng wanted so much to help the poor animal. Finally he turned the box over! The fish jumped out and was quickly back in the river. It seemed to look at Ah Meng, then disappeared underwater. He waved to the fish as it disappeared. "Where's my fish?" cried Ah Meng's father on his return. "It's escaped. Next time I'll close the box!" He didn't know Ah Meng had let it escape. His father was angry, but with himself not with Ah Meng.