Civil aviation safety
馬航安檢粗疏鑄大錯 嚴查護照免重蹈覆轍

【明報專訊】IT IS four days since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing. Eight countries have taken part in the air and sea search for it. The jet, with 239 passengers and crew aboard, suddenly evaporated - vanished without trace. The Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong has confirmed that, yesterday (March 10) afternoon, a Hong Kong airliner spotted a large quantity of unknown fragments in waters 60 kilometres southeast of Vung Tau, Vietnam, and over 500 kilometres from the spot where the jet went missing. The sighting has been reported to the authorities in Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur and Sanya, Hainan. Conceivably investigations are in progress into it. When they yield results, it will be clear where the airliner had gone and what became of its passengers and crew.