John Larrysson Column: Summer Story Chapter 1 Part 10 - About the Author & Where to Find the Book

About the Author :

Laura Ingalls was born in America in 1864, in the town of Pepin, Wisconsin. As a young girl, Laura moved with her family to the wild Dakota Territory to build a farm. They mistakenly settled on Indian land and had to leave. In the mid-1870s they managed a hotel in Iowa, but later in the decade travelled back to the wilderness to build another farm.

Near the town of De Smet, Laura Ingalls taught school and in 1885 married a farmer named Almanzo Wilder. Their farm failed due to bad weather and high debts. With their daughter Rose they made a six-month wagon journey to Mansfield, Missouri. When they got there they built a new farm.

Her first published writing appeared in a magazine called the Missouri Ruralist in 1911. She started a bank for farmers and continued to write. She wrote several stories partly based on her childhood. They became very popular. She realized she had lived history, and she wanted children to learn about America's past as she had experienced it as a child. The country had changed a lot since she was a child. Laura Ingalls Wilder died in 1957.

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Copyright :

This book is old enough that it is in the public domain in Hong Kong (Copyright Ordinance, section 17). Public domain means that it has no copyright, and belongs to everyone equally.

If you like the book you can buy a printed copy from a book store or download it by putting the book name, author and the term public domain into a good search engine.

The original book is in the public domain, which means that you are free to copy it. This annotated version and the audio recording is under copyright. If you want to use this version, especially if you are a school, please email me for copyright permission.

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