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【明報專訊】"Ginger Music" productions are an experience like no other. Plan out your cash, then plan out your song. Call up some friends, choose your next team, work out the theme, the lyrics, the arrangement, then record and film, write and record, then record a little more. Film for a few months, meanwhile brainstorm a little, and brainstorm a little more: when to plug the song, how to plug the song, when to film the music video, how to film the music video. Call up a director, call up a choreographer. Set a date, practise, practise, and practise. Film a few more months, then book a hair stylist, do the music video, bake cookies at home, write lovely memos in a DIY frenzy, plug the song. Wait a few days in anxiousness, start booking radio interviews, upload your music video, and sit back, relax, and appreciate every click you see. Go online and promote your song, do it, and you do it some more. Get a receipt for the music video, freak yourself out a little, plan out the cash for payday, and write that fat cheque goodbye. You did it all indie, you did it all self-invested, all the hard-earned money, sweat, and blood, all that drama, all that HKTV, all down to cash being self-invested into Benji and Lesley's seemingly never-ending independent life of music.