Heywood's Murder Case Remains Unclarified
谷開來毒殺海伍德 宣判後仍是懸案一樁

【明報專訊】GU Kailai, wife of Bo Xilai, the former secretary of the Chinese Communist Party's Chongqing branch, has been given a two-year suspended death sentence for murdering, by poison, British businessman Neil Heywood. The sentence is thought to be too harsh by some, and too lenient by others. However, there are many questions about the case which have been left unanswered, making it difficult to say whether or not the sentence is justified. There once were hopes that the trial would mark a new milestone for China's judicial or even political reform and development. But the trial appeared fraught with political considerations, and, regrettably, has failed to enhance China's political transparency or judicial credibility.