Clem@RubberBand's Blog﹕Brazilian Music

【明報專訊】What's next after the RubberBand Caravan Tour and a well-deserved rest, one might ask. Well, spending more quality time with my family is at the top of my list. Aside from that, polishing up my guitar chops and upgrading my orchestration skills are my top priorities. Thanks to our keyboard player, I've recently become interested in Brazilian music. I was introduced to this amazing Brazilian guitarist — Romero Lubambo. Please do a search of this name on YouTube and listen for yourself. The more I discover about Brazilian music, the deeper my interest grows. I didn't realise Brazilian music has so many rhythmic patterns, including samba, bossa nova, choro, frevo, baiao and partido alto. Listening to music of Brazil makes me wanna visit the country real bad. I've seen many pictures of the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. I hope my band will save up enough money for a trip in 2014 to Rio, where the next World Cup takes place that year!