Chita's Blog﹕My Music Journey(Part 2)

【明報專訊】My first book My Music Journey (《我的夢想氫氣球》) was finally released yesterday at the book fair. In the book, not only will you get to read my articles, you will also get to see pictures of me taken at different times. Since this book is all about dreams and people always think of them as something unattainable and unachievable, I thought I would inject a dash of magic into the book by adding little elf characters to travel with my readers throughout the journey. With the creativity of my designer fayyu, my elf team was born: babechita, fuelbird (balloonbird), candlebird, forestbear, socksrabbit and treedeer. They each possess a different magical power. These characters represent some kind of force in the universe that is beyond our recognition.