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【明報專訊】I wonder if there's a way to extend a day? If 24 hours a day is not enough, can I sleep less and work more? I don't think so. Call me lazy if you wish, but to me, I need sufficient rest to recuperate (恢復) after a long day at work. My mind has been overloaded as I'm juggling two jobs at the same time. I'm working as the Vice President of the Marketing Division at bma and I also need to spend time to take care of my MC job. This split role that I have sometimes makes me wonder just how much one can do? I was contemplating (思量) this question when the name Canny Leung (梁芷珊) sprang to mind. Canny, my boss, is the perfect example of a modern-day woman-she is a loving wife, a caring mother, a devoted writer and the Executive Director at her husband's company. How much can a woman do? A lot-Canny is the living proof.