Janis' Blog﹕Inner Peace

【明報專訊】I have always admired those who can smile through even the most difficult of times. Happiness has become more and more difficult to obtain (獲得) as we are never satisfied with what we already have. Sadly, this never-ending desire to want more only leads to more pain and frustrations. Personally speaking, I would prefer contentment (滿足) to happiness. Inner peace is not a fleeting (短暫的) emotion but a state of mind. People who have found this peace may not live every moment with a smile on their face. They still have their moments of sorrow and sadness because they are human after all! The only difference is that they are mentally at peace, with enough understanding to keep themselves strong in the face of adversity (逆境). People who have achieved this inner peace usually show a kindness towards all living things and a deep appreciation for the natural world around them. But to be honest, as they always say, it is easier said than done.