Janis' Blog﹕Punctuality

【明報專訊】I had the opportunity to shoot a TV series with the renowned food critic Mr Chua Lam (蔡瀾). Mr Chua is a household name in Asia, I'm pretty sure you have come across him in one medium or the other. He is not only a food critic and TV host, but also a columnist and movie producer. You can only imagine how much I've learnt working with such a multi-talented person. He is not only a co-host to me; I treated every shooting session as a learning opportunity. He is like a walking encyclopedia. From food to arts and literature, he knows pretty much everything. He is more than just a host, he is a teacher to me and the very first lesson I learnt from him is to be punctual (準時). I'm known for my punctuality-I don't like to be kept waiting when my time could have been better spent doing other things. Time is too precious to be wasted waiting around. I once heard the time that is spent being late will be accumulated and be deducted from one's years. Pretty scary, huh? Since then I've made a conscious effort to be on time.