Janis' Blog﹕Friends for Life!

【明報專訊】I was always on the road when I was working as an anchor (新聞主播). Travelling was part of my job. I have to say I really enjoyed travelling to different parts of the world, meeting different people and learning about their culture. But business trips are always hectic, schedules are tight and it's a pity that I never had time to really enjoy a city. Therefore, I planned on a series of leisure trips right after I had decided to quit my anchor job. The first stop was Tainan (台南)-I went there to visit a friend who I have known for over 10 years. Yes, for over 10 years! I was surprised by the fact that many of my best friends are ones I've known since young. I still keep close contact with my primary school friends for example-I consider them friends to keep for life. As one grows older, one starts to realise that the friends one's known in school are ones who are worth treasuring the most. We knew each other when we were still blank slates-intentions were pure, and the relationship was built solely on trust and common interests.